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The Chocolate Show

The Chocolate Show, London October 2016

Returning for its fourth year, The Chocolate Show, London is perfect for any chocolate lover. The Chocolate Show brings together British and International brands as well as renowned artisans, chefs and cocoa experts; all in London to share a passion for chocolate.

An innovative collaboration between chocolatiers and fashion designers, this year’s theme is “Once Upon A Time in The Land of Chocolate”. Expect magical masterpieces from the works of Aneesh Popat, Anita Thakker and Lucie Bennett. See pictures in the gallery below the video. 

The Chocolate Show had live demonstrations and chocolate cookery classes, pastry workshops and the spectacle that is the Chocolate Fashion Show; pairing the finest fashion designers and the most talented chocolatiers with outfits entirely made out of chocolate.


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Steve is a passionate individual with a deep love for chocolate that knows no bounds. He appreciates the nuances and flavours that each type of chocolate offers. He has explored the world of chocolates, delighting in the artistry and creativity that master chocolatiers poured into their creations. For Steve, chocolate isn't just a sweet indulgence; it's a form of culinary art that brings joy and satisfaction.

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