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Reasons why Chocolate is Good for You

Rumours have been constantly circulating around the assumption that chocolate is not healthy and that it does not benefit people eating it much. According to some of these rumours, chocolate is high in calories which results in excessive body fats that could clog the arteries. For chocolate lovers out there, who cannot survive going for days without their chocolate fix, you have to know that eating chocolate in moderation offers a lot of health benefits. In addition, constant research has generated facts that there is a variety of reasons why it is good for you.

Since chocolate is often regarded as a sinful, decadent delight because of its delicious taste and texture, it may be quite hard to hold on to the idea that it has health benefits. Nevertheless, here are some reasons that we sufficiently conclude that chocolate is beneficial for everyone:

  1. Chocolate has vitamins that are important for our body’s daily functions. It has been discovered that it has components of Vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.
  2. Even with its enthralling velvety texture, chocolate contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron.
  3. It can help in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases because high blood pressure can significantly be reduced due to the flavonoids in cocoa, a basic ingredient of chocolate. The flavonoids help in keeping body fats from blocking arteries.
  4. These flavonoids also contain antioxidants that have been known to reduce the risk of cancer.
  5. Chocolate has nitric oxide that helps in blood pressure maintenance and heart sustenance.
  6. There have been findings that chocolate brings about blood thinning, similar to the effects of a small dosage of aspirin. This is a factor in keeping the free flow of blood in the system and lessens the development of clotting. However, one must not consider substituting aspirin with chocolate.
  7. Many people have observed that consuming chocolate brightens their mood and gives them a positive mindset throughout the day. An increase in happiness and alertness are generally seen, as well as the capacity to reduce pain. Chocolate has caffeine, theobromine, tyramine and phenylethylamine that contributes to a decrease in fatigue. These also give an extra boost of energy needed to get you through the day. Cannabinoids are also found in chocolate, which contributes to a happy and safe feeling.

These are but seven of the main health aspects that are attributed to eating chocolate. Still, a lot of research is ongoing to find out more about why chocolate is not only very delicious but also beneficial for people's well-being. Of all the findings, the antioxidant findings are the most important. Antioxidants offers support in stopping the negative effects of free radicals in the body. So, enjoy your chocolate eating!

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Chocolate in a Dark Form is a Lot Better Than any Other Colours

Chocolate has a very delicious taste but most of us don't know it is made from plants. Which means it contains many of the health benefits of vegetables. Some of us don't like eating vegetables but by eating chocolate, it's the vegetable that we eat that contains hundreds of health-giving benefits. The key benefit is an antioxidant derived from a substance known as flavonoids. The purpose of these antioxidants is to protect the body from free radicals against aging. A large amount of these antioxidants can be found in dark chocolates. This substance known as flavonoid produces Nitric Oxide that aides the body in relaxing its blood pressure. And it also gives a balance hormone in the body.

Dark chocolate is very good for the heart. Consuming a small bar every single day will help keep the cardiovascular system working well and there are two other benefits that dark chocolate can give. It has the ability to help lower blood pressure and help lower the body fat index or the cholesterol level. It can also help people with high blood pressure to help lower their blood pressure. Dark chocolate can also help reduce low density Lipoprotein cholesterol, which we also known as bad cholesterol.

The other benefit that dark chocolate can bring apart from protecting the heart is that dark chocolate has an agreeably good taste. It also has the potential to regulate endorphin production which provides a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment. Its composition contains a substance known as Serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Dark chocolate also contains a substance called Theobromine, and a small amount of caffeine which helps stimulate the body and the brain.

The fat contents in dark chocolate composes of 0.33% oleic acid, 0.33 % of stearic acid, and 0.33 % of palmitic acid, which is good news if you are looking after your figure. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat, olive oil based and can help prevent heart disease and reduce cholesterol. Stearic Acid which is also a saturated is an emulsifier, emollient and a lubricant that can help soften skin. Palmitic acid is also a saturated that can raise LDL cholesterol (sometimes called bad cholesterol). However, as a summary, only 1/3 of the fat in dark chocolate is bad for cholesterol.

Since there is a presence of 0.33% as bad cholesterol on dark chocolates, it is always suggested to balance your daily intake of dark chocolate. It is recommended that your daily intake be about around 100 grams, that's approximately 3.5 ounces to give you the maximum benefit that dark chocolate can give you. There are about 300 known compounds and components in every single bite of chocolate.

Dark chocolate has a lot more antioxidants compare to a milk chocolate or any other white chocolate since dark chocolate has a cocoa content of 65% or even higher. Find out more about the health benefits of dark chocolate at Dark Chocolate Benefits-Disadvantages.