Chocolate Covered Recipes for your Loved Ones

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Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Topped with Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Recipes for your Loved Ones

Ever tried using chocolates for your home-cooking recipes? Well, if you have not yet done that, it is high-time you start doing it and start concocting your own chocolate covered recipes! Combining chocolates with the old-fashioned recipes as well as the contemporary recipes you and your family have enjoyed for years, will surely be a great treat for you and your loved ones! Besides, chocolates have their share of health benefits that the whole family can benefit from. Perhaps you are asking what makes chocolates healthy. Well, here is the answer.

Plants give us the chocolates we are enjoying now, and therefore it would mean that they are full of the countless health benefits that can be taken from various kinds of vegetables. These known benefits of chocolates are from what is called the flavonoids. They act as antioxidants to protect human body from becoming old which as we know, may be caused by some free radicals or toxins responsible for causing heart illnesses or disorders. The flavonoids are also responsible for the making of nitric oxide as well as putting some hormones in the body to a state of equilibrium. Did you even know that dark chocolate is full of a huge number of antioxidants which is almost 8 times those found in strawberries?

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Topped with Strawberries

15 pcs of fresh strawberries
2 c Vanilla wafer crumbs
6 tb Margarine, melted

1 ea 14-ounce bag of caramels
1 cn 5-ounce of evaporated milk
1 c Chopped of pecans, toasted
2 pk 8-ounce of cream cheese, soften
1/2 c of Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla
2 pcs of Eggs
1/2 c of Semi-sweet chocolate pieces

Baking Procedures

  1. For the base, mix crumbs and margarine then press into the bottom of a 9-inch baking pan. Bake the mixture at 350 degree F, for about10 minutes.
  2. For the body, in a 1 1/2 quart clean and heavy saucepan, you may start melting the caramels with some milk. Do this over low heat, stirring often until mixture becomes smooth. Pour mixture over crust then drop all pecans.
  3. Combine the pre-measured cream cheese with sugar plus vanilla. Mix all ingredients at a medium pace on your electric mixer until everything has been well blended.
  4. Add eggs, each at one time, mixing them well after every addition.
  5. Blend in the chocolate and pour over the pecans. You may now bake the mixture at 350 degrees F for about 40 minutes.
    Loosen the baked cake from the rim of your pan and cool it before removing from rim of the pan.
  6. Chill then garnish with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. You may also add finely chopped up pecans, if preferred.

Now, eating your heart out on this delectable chocolate-related recipe will never be complete without a freshly concocted chocolate drink you and your family will love! Try this chocolate drink recipe and see the delight in your loved ones’ faces!

Chocolate Banana Supreme Shake

1 c of Diet chocolate soda; chilled
1/2 med sized Banana; peeled
1 pk of  Diet choc. shake mix
1 tb of Smooth peanut butter; frozen

  1. For each of all 4 sections of your ice cube tray, you may pour 2 tablespoons of chocolate soda. Freeze the preparation until all cubes appear solid. Wrap the bananas in plastic freezer wrap and let them stay in the freezer until they are solid.
  2. In a blender, mix the remaining half cup of soda with the frozen bananas and halves, the chocolate drink mix and some peanut butter. Process all ingredients at a high speed until mixture becomes smooth.
  3. Add the soda cubes one by one while melting out ice is dissolved. Wait for mixture to be thick then serve immediately. This recipe makes one serving only.
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