16 Best Easter Chocolate Gifts for Lovers

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16 Best Easter Chocolate Gifts for Lovers

16 Best Easter Day Chocolate Gifts

As Easter approaches, how best to show your chocolate love. The answer is simple: Easter chocolate gift. So, here’s our collection of chocolate for you to consider; our guide includes a range of gourmet chocolate. 

A fun chocolate Easter egg decorated in a pirate design. Made from superior quality milk chocolate. Presented in a gift bag with brown satin ribbon and Happy Easter gift tag.

Created without soya lecithin (uses rapeseed lecithin), hydrogenated fats, artificial flavourings. Using Bourbon vanilla pod and 100% cocoa butter. Easter egg measures 13cm tall. BUY NOW £7.95 

Booja Booja – Champagne truffles Easter egg. This attractive, hand-made gift Easter egg is created in Kashmir using paper mache with a hand-painted, varnished finish. Finished with a ribbon bow. This gourmet Easter egg is available in both Large at 15cm in length weighing 138g (12 truffles) and Small at 10cm in length weighing 34.5g (3 truffles). Measurements approximate.

The Easter egg contains Booja Booja’s award winning, dark chocolate, Organic Fine de Champagne truffles. Each pretty egg is unique (as the image above shows an example) and designs do vary so it is not possible to request a particular colour or style. A truly unique Easter egg gift. BUY NOW £9.95 Small, £25.95 Large 


EASTER DIAMOND. Add an element of elegance to your springtime celebrations with our astonishing Easter Chocolates Diamond box. Meticulously handcrafted from mahogany and embellished with a delicate egg insignia, this limited-edition box is a resplendent refuge to the miniature chicks, bunnies, and other springtime favorites found in the Easter Collection. Filled with 52 pralines and 24 solid chocolates. BUY NOW £192.10

A dark chocolate, Easter bunny created from superior quality ingredients. Presented in a gift bag with brown satin ribbon and Happy Easter gift tag.

Created without soya lecithin, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavourings or colourings and using only Bourbon vanilla pod and 100% cocoa butter. Bunny measures 14cm tall.

BUY NOW £7.95 

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Sandwich- Caramel Chocolate. Solid caramel chocolate half-eggs sandwiched with chocolate slices. This Easter Egg Sandwich is perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie! BUY NOW £10.00 

An Easter chick shaped gift box filled with milk chocolate mini eggs from Charbonnel et Walker. A great Easter gift for the childrenBox measured 12cm high.

BUY NOW £9.95

Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Ginger Chocolate Easter Egg. 70% dark egg with Indian ginger oil and Hazelnut & Ginger Crunches. The Ginger Chocolate Easter Egg gift for hard-boiled fans of the fiery root. Vegan-friendly. BUY NOW £16.00

A beautifully presented luxury Easter egg from Prestat containing the best selling and flavour packed Marc de Champagne milk chocolate truffles and a ribboned milk chocolate Easter egg.

A guaranteed delight to receive this Easter egg with its theatrical designed lidded box and use of coloured tissues, foils and ribbons.

BUY NOW £16.95

Hotel Chocolat Easter Truffle Egg and Soldiers. Milk chocolate Easter truffle tiddly eggs with a troop of hazelnut praline soldiers. An Easter gift for those who prefer their eggs sans yolk! BUY NOW £8.00

Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Easter Brownie Egg. 50% milk chocolate Easter brownie egg with six gorgeous Brownies. The Easter gift for hard-boiled fans of the scrumptious tray-bake. BUY NOW £16.00 

A luxury milk chocolate Peter Rabbit, the famous Beatrix Potter classic. The perfect Easter gift for Beatrix Potter fans. Decorated with dark and white chocolate. Hollow chocolate figure measures approx. 19cm tall. BUY NOW £12.95 

Illustrated with the famous Beatrix Potter classic, Peter Rabbit. A small Easter egg shaped gift box containing 5 luxury milk chocolate truffles. Gift box measures 9cm tall. Please note this product contains alcohol and is therefore, not suitable for children.

BUY NOW £6.95

White Chocolate Easter Egg (265g). Watch your loved ones’ eyes light up when they see this beautiful box containing a delicious white chocolate Easter egg. Thorntons white chocolate is spectacularly creamy, delicious and very moreish. This will be a delightful surprise for the white chocolate lover in your house. Please note that all icing is done by hand and we are unable to include text and chat abbreviations such as <3 and (:-) or :-*. BUY NOW £6.00 (2 for £10) or (5 for £20)

Milk Chocolate Bunny Model. Just look at this cheerful chap! This irresistible bunny is a delightful gift for the young chocolate lover in your house. Thorntons classic delicious milk chocolate is decorated with white chocolate, dark chocolate and pink coloured features to produce a charming Easter gift to make your young ones hoppy…er, happy!

BUY NOW £6.00 (2 for £10) or (5 for £20)

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Bunny. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to impress, this Easter our 70% dark chocolate bunny has swapped the burrow for the big city! This Easter chocolate is Vegan-friendly. BUY NOW £8.00 or 2 for £15

EASTER ASSORTMENT. Flavorful Piedmont hazelnuts and silky single-origin cocoa are paired perfectly in this introductory package from the Easter Collection. Made up of 15 solid chocolates and 11 pralines, the Easter Assortment is ideal for filling baskets and greeting friends. BUY NOW £ 27.83

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