Learning about Chocolate

Learning about chocolate can be fun. It’s history, how it is made, how to enjoy eating chocolate and its health benefits. Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world made from cocoa beans. More than 3 million tons of cocoa beans a year are consumed, so to learn more about chocolate explore the articles below.  

Chocolate for Lovers

chocolate for loversFor so many years, men have put such great esteem on chocolate for lovers. There were moments in the history of chocolates when only the nobles were allowed to experience its wonderful taste. But those days are gone! Today, huge chocolate factories and small but respected confectionaries allow the public to enjoy as much chocolate as … Continue reading


I love Chocolate Quotes

Chocolates, rich in taste, rich in history, rich in quotes. In the same manner that chocolates are rich in both taste and appearance, they are also known to have a very rich history and lots of I love chocolate quotes. “Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare … Continue reading


Chocolate for Love

Many years after the first chocolate was introduced to the Spanish monarchy and failed to steal their approval, Cortez dared to present then King Charles V with the newfound harvest from the New World making all people have chocolate for love in the future. The bittersweet taste of the cocoa inspired very little support from …Continue reading


Chocolate for Love or Chocoholic?

Chocoholics Anonymous hasn’t been born yet but much clamour about chocolate addiction has been talked over the  years. There seems to be a heightened need for people to draw the line between chocolate for love and chocolate addicts or chocoholics as they call themselves. Scientists have even … Continue reading


The Battle Of Chocolates Needs Chocolate for Love Vote

“Chocolat”, the comedy released in 2000 based on the novel by Joanne Harris was crystal clear when she said that each person has a different chocolate match. People who have chocolate for love all over the world would agree to this. Love and passion for chocolates is relative. One’s interest in a chocolate may vary …Continue reading


Chocolate for Love Party

Salon Du Chocolat, Chocolate Lovers’ Festival, Eurochocolate, Chocolate Rush, Garfield Park Chocolate Show, Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival; these are just some of the best chocolate festivals celebrated all over the world. They are usually attended by hundreds of thousands of chocolate lovers. They flock to these Chocolate … Continue reading